Hackers break into AAI network, steal crucial information

Hackers broke into the server of the country’s biggest airport operator, the Airports Authority of India (AAI), taking away crucial data and sending the government organisation into a tizzy. AAI has filed an FIR with Delhi Police’s Cyber Crime Cell and ordered an internal probe to investigate the matter and trace the source of the attacks. “A multi-level information security breach happened on the night of July 19. On examination it was noted that disk volumes have been deleted from the storage system,” AAI said. “The disks have been given to a specialist organisation for cloning and attempted data recovery,” AAI added.
On the morning of July 20, the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system was found to be inoperative. ERP contains all data relating to human resources, finance, material management and project system functions covering all of the 125 airports run by AAI across the country. The system also handles payroll accounting for its nearly 19,000 employees. The system has also been integrated with legacy systems such as electronic tendering and procurement system, airport information management system etc.

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