High-security plate: Anxiety grips Odisha vehicle owners as deadline looms

With the last date for affixing a high-security registration plate (HSRP) approaching fast, vehicle owners in Odisha are at their wits’ end for not getting a date. They are worried because if they don’t replace their old number plates with the HSRP number plates before the expiry of the period, they are sure to cough up fines.

For vehicle numbers ending with 1,2,3 and 4, the last date for affixing the new number plate is September 30. If not changed by that day, a fine of Rs 10,000 will be collected from them.

“I have seven vehicles. And the dates I have been allotted to are in the months of October and November. On behalf of all vehicle owners, I would like to request the government to extend the period by three months more,” urged a vehicle owner in Bhubaneswar.

Another Bhubaneswar-based vehicle owner termed the system as a means only to harass vehicle owners. “The number plate is called a high-security number plate . If a vehicle meets with an accident, its number plate will also get damaged. Then what is the meaning of calling it a high-security number plate,” asked the owner.

Expressing his concern, another vehicle owner from Bhubaneswar said, “I tried booking for a date today morning and the date I was given was November 1. Should I keep my vehicle parked till then?”

Most vehicle owners are still not aware of the benefits of HSRP number plates . “The government has made affixing of HSRP numbers mandatory. But it has not made it clear what advantages shall we get from this. So the government should clarify first why we should go for an HSRP number,” rued a vehicle owner from Balasore

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