Huntsville City Schools rolls out new technology for campus security

Huntsville City Schools (HCS) in the United States is rolling out new technology to address campus safety after two students from separate schools brought firearms to class last week.
The school system says it will roll out Evolv Technology, described as an “advanced weapons detection screening system” for an added layer of security for students and staff members.
“We want students, staff members, and families to come to our campuses with peace of mind in order to focus on our core business of teaching and learning,” said HCS Superintendent Christie Finley.

The technology, already found at sporting events nationwide, will be rotated throughout the school system. “Much like how we are used to security protocols at airports, concerts, and sporting events, we are taking the same approach in our schools,” Finley said. “We ask families for their support in this effort as the most effective weapon detection occurs before students ever set foot on campus.”

HCS claims to be the first school district to implement the system in Alabama. The school system says parents should check their students’ backpacks before heading to class each morning. Students, like the ones last week, will face “the highest levels of disciplinary action including expulsion” if they are caught with a weapon on campus.

The incidents last week involved two students at separate schools bringing a firearm to campus. Officials told News 19 both students would be disciplined according to the district’s Behavioral Learning Guide. Police say they will not have any involvement with searches or the disciplinary process.

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