Hyderabad Police sets up new wing for maintenance of surveillance cameras

For effective maintenance and repairs of surveillance cameras and drones by the Hyderabad police, a new wing called ‘D-CAMO (Drones and Cameras Maintenance Organisation ) has been instated. It will focus on the functioning of all the CCTV cameras and drone repairs, projects and execution.

The wing will be headed by an Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police or Assistant Commissioner of Police rank officer, which would be further structured into four sub-wings.
City Police Commissioner CV Anand recently held a high-level review meeting with all DCPs and above-rank officers and discussed a range of important matters related to public safety and security and other administrative issues. A review was also done on the crimes pending for want of arrests, investigation, FSL reports, charge sheets.

“An independent third party audit will be carried out across the city to identify the grey spots lacking CCTV coverage and to check the working condition of the existing cameras,” Anand said.

Meanwhile, the Police Commissioner expressed satisfaction with the overwhelming response to the online amusement licences system, which received over 1,183 applications in the past few weeks.

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