Peregrine Guarding becomes the official security partner of Herbalife Nutrition India Extravaganza 2022

One of the leading private security companies in India, Peregrine Guarding was selected as the official security partner for the Herbalife Nutrition India Extravaganza 2022 held at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC). The 5-day Extravaganza was organised by the leading global nutrition company, Herbalife Nutrition, and attracted the footfall of more than 22,000+ visitors, including distributors.
Given their expertise in event security and crowd management, Peregrine emerged as the most preferred security services provider for this prestigious event wherein the security team of more than 900 personnel worked in close association with the organisers to host attendees, distributors, and dignitaries from far across the world.

“In the past 27 years of being in the security industry, we understand how important security of special events is to its overall success. We are proud to be associated with Herbalife Nutrition for their signature event and thankful to the entire team for trusting us with pre-event security consulting support, overall event security management, executive protection, and event security incident response.

“We took all heightened security measures to ensure that all the attendees were safe and enjoyed the Extravaganza in a secure environment. On behalf of Peregrine, I would like to congratulate Herbalife Nutrition on the success of this event and look forward to working with Herbalife Nutrition again in the future” said Rakesh Tripathi, Managing Director of Peregrine- South & West.

The signature event of U.S. based Herbalife Nutrition also witnessed some mesmerising performances and concerts from renowned artists such as Mr. Sonu Nigam. When an event of such a scale and participation is planned, keeping everything operational and everyone safe becomes a topmost priority for the organisers. This is where the expertise, experience, and innovation of Peregrine Guarding came into the picture and contributed to the success of the expo.