Israeli Ministry to regulate use of security cameras in schools

The Israeli education ministry has published guidelines regulating the use of security cameras in schools. The ministry emphasized that it does not see cameras as necessary to improve the feeling of safety at schools, but recognizes that some institutions have already installed cameras and the issue needed to be addressed and regulated. The ministry further emphasized the delicate nature of security cameras and the possible infringements on an individual’s privacy.

The guidelines state that cameras mounted inside the school must only be in public areas, such as the yard and hallways, but not in any private rooms such as washrooms, teacher’s lounges, school councillor’s rooms, or the medical clinic. Classrooms are also off limits for the cameras. No cameras are allowed in kindergartens at all.

All footage will be erased three days after filming, unless it is deemed necessary to keep, to deal with specific incidents caught on tape. The guidelines further state that: schools that install cameras must notify the school community, the educational staff, parents, and students that the cameras are there, in addition to posting signs around the school grounds. Finally, the guidelines state that it is obligatory for schools installing cameras to also run educational activities to improve the atmosphere in the school and prevent violence.

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