JFK to install AI/AR ramp control systems

The consortium responsible for leading the $4.2bn redevelopment of New York’s JFK International (JFK) has agreed a deal with Logipix to install its AI and AR enabled “Virtual Ramp Control System” at the renewed Terminal 6. The firms said the tech “promises to revolutionise airport operations by enhancing security, efficiency, and safety on the ground.”

Logipix is a multi-national camera technology company, established in Hungary in 1996. It uses modern digital camera surveillance to manage large systems across business and society. The firm advertises solutions for borders, highways, and stadiums, as well as several airport-specific tools.

These include Digital Tower Video for ATC, and Airside Augmented Reality (LAARS), which uses AR and AI to give operators a more comprehensive overview of restricted area activity.
But the technology to be installed as part of the new agreement is known as “Advanced Ramp Control” or ARCS, a tool similar to technology recently seen by Airport Technology in operation at Copenhagen International Airport (CPH).

Logipix said it is designed to “help optimise turnarounds, provide high-resolution visual feedback and assist in managing and registering services with reduced personnel.” The company said its ARCS system also leverages AR software for analysis and monitoring of movements on the airport tarmac.

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