Indian airports to have full-body scanners soon

The Ministry of Civil Aviation has informed that full-body scanners will be installed at airports having a footfall of over five million. This is being done after the successful trial run and clearances from other departments and related security agencies. The development will take place by the end of April 2024.

As per the officials, the novel step will decrease the frisking time by half. The scanners will be placed at certain airports which fall under the hypersensitive category.

A senior BCAS official said, “In a meeting with airport operators, they have been informed of installing full-body scanners. Bangalore airport will be the first airport to introduce full body scanners. Delhi Airport is also likely to add the safety feature very soon.”

Once the performance of these scanners is tested at four airports, other airports in line will soon receive the same facility. The meeting also saw discussions surrounding procurement, installation, training of security personnel, and operational procedures. These full-body scanners, based on millimetre-wave technology, operate by detecting objects concealed within body contours, according to officials.

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