Northeast Ohio city requiring security cameras outside all businesses

One Northeast Ohio city is requiring security cameras outside every business within city limits. Stores like the Diamond’s Men’s Store inside the Hilltop Plaza Shopping Center in Richmond Heights reacted to the news that Richmond Heights was mandating cameras in area businesses.

“I don’t mind it. It’s really more safe that way. So if we have shoplifters, we have some recourse,” said Jay Berkowitz, an employee. According to Richmond Heights Police Chief Calvin Williams, the city council passed the new ordinance last week. “It requires all businesses within city limits to have a camera at each entrance and exit as well as the parking lot,” said Williams.

Williams said if police believe a crime has occurred, the business will be required to provide immediate access to the recordings. “If they don’t cooperate, we have to get a search warrant. Luckily, we currently have an ordinance that requires apartment buildings to have cameras.

This ordinance literally mirrors that to cover retail establishments,” said Williams. Businesses have six months to comply and if they don’t, they could face fines and citations.
The ordinance also states that each business will be responsible for purchasing and posting the cameras. “It helps your business because it shows you have another deterrent to criminal activity, a video surveillance system,” said Williams.

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