Karnataka Police to teach anti-sabotage skills to private guards

To strengthen anti-sabotage checks and enhance security systems in hotels, malls and other commercial establishments, the Karnataka Police will train private security guards employed at these places on the best ways to perform screening checks. In the aftermath of the recent bomb blast in Bengaluru, the police have stepped up surveillance against acts of sabotage

According to the police, as terrorists and anti-social elements have begun to target commercial establishments, it has become essential to properly frisk people visiting these places. “By and large, guards do not frisk the visitors thoroughly. They need to be sensitised on their role in foiling acts of sabotage. If they properly screen visitors with gadgets like metal detectors, the job of the police becomes much easier,” said Police Commissioner M.A. Saleem.

Mr. Saleem said many private guards did not have proper knowledge of using anti-sabotage checking gadgetry. Understanding this programme, free training had been specially structured for these guards on anti-sabotage aspects.

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