Kolkata Police asks all police stations to submit daily reports on CCTV cameras

Kolkata Police has directed all the police stations to submit a daily report about the CCTV cameras installed to find out how many cameras are in working condition and those which are not functioning properly or getting out of order often.

This comes after the incident at Amherst Street Police Station where a part of the police station where common people get access was out of the CCTV coverage area. According to police sources, it has been decided to fix the number of surveillance cameras needed to be installed so that no part of the police stations remains unmonitored.

Several CCTV cameras have been installed in police stations across the city since February this year after an order was passed by the Supreme Court directing the states and Centre to install CCTV cameras mandatorily at all police stations and investigating agencies’ offices.

Kolkata Police is also scrutinising the number of CCTV cameras already installed in the police stations across the city to identify whether those are adequate or not. Based on the scrutiny, Lalbazar will decide where to add more surveillance cameras to bring the whole building of police stations under CCTV camera coverage.

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