LED lights to flash on Kolkata roads as traffic signals to avert accidents

Kolkata Traffic Police has taken an initiative to reduce the number of road accidents. Many people die every year in the city of Kolkata when they are hit by a vehicle while crossing the roads.

The signal system in place across the country consists of light bulbs of different colours installed on the poles along the roads. But under this project, LED lights will be installed along the zebra crossing on the roads, which will be synchronised with the nearby signal system.

If the traffic signal on the road is red, the LED light will flash a red colour on the road along with the signal post. As the signals will change, the colour of the LED lights will also change.
Kolkata Traffic Police, Deputy Commissioner, Sunil Yadav, said, “We hope that the number of pedestrian accidents is reduced when this new signal system is installed.”

Talking about the purpose of this initiative, the DCP (traffic) said, “We have seen that despite the presence of zebra crossings, people still do not follow the traffic rules. If the zebra crossings are surrounded with LED lights, people will cross the roads from that specific section. Besides, many drivers do not see the signal during the rush. In this case, the flashing lights on the road will not escape anyone’s attention.”

According to the Kolkata Traffic Police sources, this system will be started on a trial basis at one traffic guard out of the 25 traffic guards in the city. Initially, LED lights will be installed on Hare Street in central Kolkata.

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