Monthly wages for Singapore security officers to increase over six-year period from 2023

From 2023, the baseline wages of security officers in Singapore will progressively increase over six years, after recommendations by the Security Tripartite Cluster (STC) were accepted by the Government.

Noting that a previously announced 3 per cent increase to baseline wages will still come into effect next year, the STC said it recommended a “significant increase” to the monthly wages of security officers in 2023 as well as a fixed dollar quantum annual increment from 2024 to 2028. This means that the monthly gross wage of the lowest-ranked security officers will increase by more than 50 per cent from 2022 to 2028, the STC said in a media release.

The monthly gross wage for 2022 is estimated based on a basic wage and 72 overtime hours. The basic wage for security officers will more than double from S$1,650 in 2023 to S$3,530 by 2028.

Meanwhile senior security supervisors, which is the highest rank, will see their basic monthly wages increase from S$2,240 to S$4,430 over the same period. “Overall, the monthly gross wage across all job levels will increase by an average Compound Annual Growth Rate of 6.6 per cent from 2022 to 2028 – more than two times the minimum 3 per cent annual increase announced in November 2017,” the STC said.

Formed in 2013 to look into a Progressive Wage Model (PWM) for the security industry, the STC is made up of representatives from the unions, industry associations and the Government.

“In proposing the PWM baseline wages, the STC had taken in guidance by the Tripartite Workgroup on Lower-Wage Workers to ensure that overall wage growth of security officers outpaces the median resident worker, for our lower-wage workers to gain ground on the median worker,” the cluster said. It added that the wage schedule will be reviewed in 2025.

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