Nashik Building owners told to conduct fire safety audit

With the backdrop of the ensuing Kumbh Mela and the Maharashtra Fire Prevention and Life Safety Measure Act, 2006, the Nashik fire department has issued a notice to the owners of public buildings, including hospitals, community halls, hotels and restaurants, to get a fire safety audit conducted by a licensed agency ahead of the Kumbh Mela.

“It is the responsibility of the owner/user of the building to get the audit done twice a year, in January and July. The certificate, which is issued by the licensed agency that conducts the fire safety audit, has to be submitted to the chief fire officer. In view of the mandatory fire audit to be done in July as well as for the Mela, we have issued the notice,” said a civic official. “The fire officer can report deviations in the report of the building regarding compliance of the fire prevention and safety measures in the building. He can further issue a notice directing the removal of objects that can cause risk of fire. The deviations will have to be rectified by the owner,” said the official.

He said the state government had issued a notice stating that the fire safety audit will have to be done within a month and the report has to be submitted. In three months, the deviations or lacunae are to be completed. “The owners/occupiers will have to get the fire safety audit done from licensed agencies appointed by the state as per Section 9 of the Maharashtra Fire Prevention and Life Safety Measure Act, 2006, immediately and will have to submit the report,” said the officer. The management system, facilities and activities of the organization on safety aspects assess the prevailing hazards, level of prevention, protection and emergency management preparedness.

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