New guidelines for Nepal security firms

In a bid to regulate private security companies, the Nepal government is set to introduce a license system and keep record of weapons issued to them. Authorities have also categorised criteria of individuals eligible to register with private security firms as security guards. According to a bill tabled by Home Ministry at Parliament, those seeking to serve as security guards have to be Nepali citizens who are former associates of the country’s security agencies or of foreign military or police, and aged between 18 and 45. In addition, the bill states that candidates for security guards should undergo required training. The bill also envisions a 10-member directive committee headed by Home Secretary to prepare criteria for the kind and number of weapons to be allowed to security firms.

The bill also provisions a central regulatory officer (CRO) of second class rank to be stationed at the Home Ministry to oversee the regulation of private security operators including finalising the kind of dress and insignia to be used by the security guards. The proposed legislation also demands that the security firm not only has to sign a contract with the person seeking security, but also has to provide the number of guards deployed and the details of the weapons in use. Further, the company also has to furnish the time frame a guard would be deployed for security. The private company can only provide security to individuals after clearance from the CRO.

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