Now, Maharashtra cops will send FIR copies on e-mail, WhatsApp

Complainants will now get a copy of their FIR on their email or mobile phone — through WhatsApp. A decision about this was taken by the Director General of Maharashtra Police, Pravin Dixit. The top cops were receiving complaints that even after an FIR is filed, for several days, officers at police stations don’t give a copy of it to complainants.  The order by Dixit says that the copy of the FIR should be given to the complainant immediately after it is filed. It also says both a hard and a soft copy should be given. A police officer said, “It is mandatory to hand over the copy of FIR to the complainant the day it is filed. After the FIR is filed and sealed by police stamp, the copy should be given to complainant. However, most of the cops don’t give the copy to the complainant the same day, and later they have to visit the police station several times. The cops even fool around and delay giving the FIR copy for their personal interest.” The order by DG Dixit says, ‘Complainants are not given the complaint copy immediately. The DG office has come to know about the same. Therefore, concerned officers at police stations are ordered that the complainant should get a complaint copy immediately.

The complainant should get the complaint’s hard copy and soft copy immediately. If the complainant wants the FIR copy by email or WhatsApp, it should be provided immediately.’ Another police officer said, “The move is welcome, but how efficiently it will be enforced remains to be seen. The cops should be given instructions properly on the same. There are several complaints where cops do not give the FIR copy to the complainant the same day. After the order, the cops should not tell the complainant that he does not have Internet or WhatsApp, to send the FIR copy. Every person today has WhatsApp and every police station is equipped with computers and Internet facility. It can be implemented if cops at police stations take it seriously and it does not merely remain an order from a top cop.”

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