Over 1,000 buildings lack fire safety norms in Gurugram

A recent survey by the Fire Department revealed that nearly 1,000 buildings in Gurugram lack fire safety norms. The majority of these buildings don’t have a proper no-objection certificate (NOC) and firefighting equipment.

According to the survey, 545 PG accommodations, 188 residential buildings, 147 banquet halls, 70 high-rise buildings and 48 restaurants were found lacking fire safety measures. Despite being served notices in the past, these establishments have not been complying with fire safety norms. In the majority of the surveyed buildings, the power infrastructure had not been reviewed for long and in case of PGs load-specific power connections are absent.

“Gurugram has seen some massive fires in the last one year. We have currently surveyed a small area and found violations in every second establishment. It was observed that many PGs don’t have a single fire extinguisher. Similarly, the high-rises and restaurants don’t have proper fire exits,” said a senior fire official.

Deputy Commissioner Nishant Yadav, in-charge of District Disaster Management Force, said the administration would penalise the defaulters. “The risk of fire outbreak rises during summers. We have asked all stakeholders, including residents’ welfare associations (RWAs), to ensure compliance with all fire safety norms. The NOC of each establishment is being reviewed and action would be taken against defaulters,” said Yadav.

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