Pakistan Rangers remove cameras from border areas

The Pakistani Rangers have removed CCTV cameras they had installed on their side of the International Border along Jaisalmer and Barmer districts after objection from the Border Security Force. The cameras were installed on the Pakistani side, 300-400m away from the International Border. After the BSF raised the matter with Pakistani authorities, the devices were removed.

The BSF, however, denied that the cameras were being used by Pakistan for snooping. “It was just a security measure on their part to scan and prevent any movement from the frontier districts on our side into their side of the border,” BSF DIG Ravi Gandhi said. “Reports that the devices were being used for snooping, are unfounded and speculative at best,” he said. “The devices have been removed from the border near Jaisalmer,” Gandhi said.Several media reports had indicated that the Chinese-made CCTV cameras, powered by solar panels, were being used by Pakistani Rangers for surveillance of the Indian side of the border.

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