Panasonic remote cameras used to broadcast a criminal trial

For the first time ever, remotely-operated cameras have been placed inside a British criminal court to capture a criminal trial in its entirety. Broadcast on Channel 4, Windfall Films have created a new feature-length documentary film that explores the process of justice in a Scottish High Court like never before, using five Panasonic

Panasonic-remote-cameras-used-to-broadcast-a-criminal-trialAW-HE120 remote cameras to film the case of Nat Fraser, a man accused of murdering his wife.

Panasonic AW-HE120 PTZ cameras were chosen to film the pioneering documentary due to their particularly compact design and discreet colour, which allowed silent operation and would not disrupt the proceedings of the courtroom. The wide range of angles and focal distances achievable with the cameras pan-tilt flexibility and 20x zoom lens contributed to the extraordinary footage you will see in the film.

“When filming The Murder Trial it was vital to use equipment that would not intimidate or inhibit those involved in the case. We needed equipment that was discreet and operated remotely from outside the courtroom. The quiet and compact design of the Panasonic AW-HE120’s allowed us to capture compelling footage whilst remaining unobtrusive” said Gillian Goodlet, Production Manager at Windfall Films West. Also used during the production of the documentary were the AW-HS400 video switcher, AW-RP50 camera control unit and AW-HCK10 camera head coupled with the AW-HMR10 portable memory card recorder.


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