Passengers leave behind stuff worth Rs 10 crore at airports every year

Every year, Rs 10 crore worth of laptops, mobile phones and handbags among other items have to be auctioned by various airports as passengers who have left them behind do not come to claim them. To tide over the problem, CISF has now begun uploading details of all lost items at airports on its website on a daily basis.

“With an integrated security system in place at most airports, we are now able to quickly find lost items and even trace stolen ones. Unfortunately, only half of these items are restored to passengers as most do not come back to claim lost belongings. There is lack of information among passengers that they can easily get their belongings. Also many who have traveled out of the city after losing something find it cumbersome to enquire. That is why we have started putting up information on our website. People can check if their lost belongings have been found and thus stake a claim,” said CISF DG Arvind Ranjan.

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