Singapore security officers to get salary increase of more than 30%

About 33,000 security officers in Singapore will see more than 30 per cent increase in their basic wage under a progressive wage model to be implemented in the industry by 2016. The move is one of the Security Tripartite Cluster’s (STC) recommendations to improve the industry that have been accepted by the Government. Currently, security officers at the entry level earn between S$700 and S$900 under the existing basic wage structure. But under a new five-level career progression model, they will earn a minimum of S$1,100, and rise up to S$1,700 as they move up to a senior security supervisor level.

Another recommendation is to reduce the overtime working hours for security officers from the current 95 hours to 72 hours, although this will only be considered in 2017 after the wage model kicks in and after monitoring industry patterns.

The Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Manpower, Singapore Workforce Development Agency and Singapore Police Force issued on joint statement saying they have accepted the recommendations.

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