Smart cities will also need to tackle smarter criminals, cautions FICCI’s Homeland Security Conference

It took the last speaker of day one of the conference to provide food for thought, as former Natgrid chief and President, Risk, Security and New Ventures, Reliance Industries, Mr Raghu Raman gave some harsh truths on the issue of smart cities and smart policing. He said that in a smart city set up, the criminals will most certainly also be smarter and unless a completely new doctrine is adopted in smart policing, the fight would go against the people.Mr Raman, in his unique oratorical style which has won him accolades across the country, said that already the cyber- crime attacks were getting harder and people were getting willingly drawn into them. He said that crime fighters must accept that to fight crime in a smart city set up, they will be fighting much smarter criminals and the sooner everyone realised it, it would be better.
Speaking at FICCI’s ‘Homeland Security -2015’ conference on the theme ‘Safe & Smart Cities’, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs, Mr. P Bhattacharya declared that there has been little pondering over the inclusiveness of different sections of society in a ‘Smart City’ and therefore it was imperative to ensure that ‘Smart City’ should not lead to withering of a common sense of belonging to the nation by creating isolated islands of disintegrated cities. Let ‘Smart Nation’ be a futuristic goal of this novel endeavour”.

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