Teleste acquires Mitron to focus on rail security

Teleste is acquiring the Finnish solutions provider Mitron to become one of the leading end-to-end providers of rail-specific video security and information management solutions. Teleste, an international technology group specialised in broadband video and data communication systems and services, is acquiring Mitron Group Oy Ltd, the Finnish provider of public transportation information systems and modern display solutions. The acquisition follows Teleste’s strategy to become one of the leading suppliers of end-to-end video and information management solutions for the rail market.

A major aim of the transaction is to answer to rail operators’ growing demands of end-to-end solutions that enable more efficient operations with enhanced passenger service and security throughout the rail ecosystem. Both Teleste and Mitron have been granted an IRIS certificate, and the acquisition further increases their compliances in providing high standard solutions that are specified for the needs of the rail industry.

Together Teleste and Mitron form one of the leading providers in the market offering the rail industry complete solutions for stations, rail cars and wireless data transmission between these two. The solution supports wireless offload from rail cars as well as real-time connectivity with live video transmission between rail cars and stations, and includes advanced passenger information and CCTV systems both in rail cars and at the station.

Key benefits for the operators are accurate and timely information as well as rapid and correct situation awareness and actions. In short, the solution ensures that the right message is delivered to the right people and at the right time. In addition to improved safety of operations and passengers, the solution also helps rail operators offer more advanced, better quality passenger services through e.g. live onboard entertainment.

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