This security camera can tell if you’re texting and driving

There’s a new security camera, which will not only capture the moment, but is capable of analyzing it too. For instance, it is intelligent enough to figure if you are texting and driving. Chip maker Movidius, which specializes in artificial intelligence and computer vision has teamed up with Chinese security camera maker Hikvision, have announced that Movidius’ Myriad 2 Vision Processing Unit (VPU) technology will be available in the new lineup of smart cameras.
The VPU uses deep neural networks in order to perform much higher accuracy video analytics locally. The system will introduce some advanced security techniques, which can catch unethical behavior such as leaving a suspicious package in a public place, driving while distracted by mobile devices, detect seat belts and a break in as well. The new camera includes advanced visual analytics that can identify car models.

A report pointed out that both search giant Google and the drone manufacturer DJI have relied on Movidius to enhance spatial awareness in virtual reality and engineer the ‘sense and avoid’ features inside drones respectively. Due to deep neural networks and stereo 3D sensing, Hikvision claims to have achieved up to 99 percent accuracy in their advanced visual analytics applications.

“Advances in artificial intelligence are revolutionising the way we think about personal and public security” says Movidius CEO, Remi El-Ouazzane “The ability to automatically process video in real-time to detect anomalies will have a large impact on the way cities infrastructures are being used. We’re delighted to partner with Hikvision to deploy smarter camera networks and contribute to creating safer communities, better transit hubs and more efficient business operations.”

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