Xtralis and London Police innovate to put additional eyes on the street

Xtralis has announced they are working in cooperation with the London City Police in exploring technology solutions that will allow live transmission of video and audio to central monitoring locations from police vehicles and officer-worn vests so that tactical decisions can be made more quickly and efficiently to respond to threats around London.

Traditionally, police officers have used radios to verbally relay situational intelligence. With the new Xtralis technology available, police central stations can view live video and audio at the incident scene to better assess situations and more efficiently deploy appropriate assistance.

“Xtralis approached the City of London Police to understand how we operate and how they could help our mission. Xtralis was quick to demonstrate a promising solution that could provide us live video and audio feeds from vehicles and officer-worn vests direct to our central monitoring stations,” commented Adrian Leppard, Commissioner of the City of London Police. “Having more eyes on developing situations allows for better decisions and quicker & more efficient response, so we’re happy to explore and work with Xtralis to perfect these solutions for the City of London,” added Commissioner Leppard.

“Technology can be the officer’s best friend,” said City of London Police Commissioner. “The general public, and the police officers they serve, benefit when there are many eyes on a potential situation or actual crime. Xtralis live monitoring solutions can in a remote location help to assist officers at an incident scene and provide appropriate assistance as needed. We’re happy to explore further with Xtralis to advance these solutions, as they will put more eyes on the street,” commented the Commissioner.

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