4,000 CCTV cameras to be installed in Pak city under Safe City Project

The administration is finalising a plan to install 4,000 closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras under Rawalpindi Safe City Project on the roads to monitor all the city areas.
According to a Commissioner Office spokesman, Commissioner Saqib Manan had chaired a meeting to review progress of the Rawalpindi Safe City Project. He informed that in order to boost surveillance and keep a vigilant eye on criminal activities in Rawalpindi, the Punjab government had decided to enter into an agreement with the Safe City Authority to install CCTV cameras in the city.

The meeting was informed that 950 locations had been identified in Rawalpindi where around 4,000 cameras would be installed to monitor the city.

These CCTV cameras would work under an integrated system which would help control crime and improve law and order situation in the city, he added. The project would help the police and the local administration in traffic signal management besides vehicle surveillance and tracking. The project would also play a key role in ensuring security during important public events.

He said that modern technology is used all over the world to maintain law and order in big cities, traffic control and other civic facilities and this system would also be used in Rawalpindi city. The spokesman said that a control and command centre would be established at the City Police Office. It would regulate swift emergency and police responses, such as intelligent traffic management, dispatch of police units, Rescue 1122 response, criminal identification and virtual surveillance, he added.