Guwahati airport deploys bullet resistant QRT vehicle for enhanced security

Authorities at Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati (Guwahati airport) “dedicated” a bullet resistant QRT vehicle to the CISF team at the airport on January 5.

“Keeping in view the threat perception to airport, air passengers and safeguarding the airport, a brand-new bullet resistant quick response team (QRT) vehicle was handed over to the CISF team today,” said a statement from the Guwahati airport, which is managed by the Adani group. The vehicle is “well-equipped” and can counter any attempt of sabotage by any anti-social elements at the airport premises.

“It will also enable the security personnel to prevent attackers from causing damage to passenger, personnel or property,” the Guwahati airport management added. The statement added that the vehicle was inducted as directed by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security, the security regulator of civil aviation in India.

“It will also help provide a safe and secure platform for the ASG personnel to deal with security threats,” the management said. During the formal hand-over ceremony on January 5, CAO, Guwahati airport, Utpal Baruah handed over the key to the commandant of CISF Lal Mohan Thakur, chief airport security officer.

“The airport gives top priority to the security requirements. Now the bullet resistant vehicle will act as a major morale booster for the aviation security group personnel safeguarding the airport,” the statement further said.