Abu Dhabi taxis to have CCTV cameras

All taxis in Abu Dhabi are expected to be equipped with CCTV security cameras by next year in order to raise security and safety standards, the Centre for Regulation of Transport by Hire Cars has announced. The aim of the initiative is to enable the centre to monitor taxi journeys to ensure the safety of both drivers and passengers, as well as raise the efficiency of returning lost and found items to their respective owners. The roll out stage, which started last week, will include the installation of cameras in 100 taxis that vary in type. The second phase will be implemented a year later, and will include the installation of security cameras across the entire fleet of taxis in the emirate.

Mohammad Al Qamzi, general manager of the centre, said that the launch of the initiative was the result of a research study on the level of customer satisfaction with the service provided by the centre. Results showed the need for surveillance to ensure higher standards of safety and quality. The project is in collaboration with the Monitoring and Control Centre and the entity managing it.

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