If hacked, video surveillance systems can pose great threat

Kaspersky Lab has recently revealed that the security video surveillance networks which were originally designed to help and protect people from criminals and terrorists can now be misused by a third party which can exploit system configuration flaws.

In a system in which the surveillance cameras are connected via a mesh network, a type of network in which nodes are connected with each other and serve as stepping stones for data on its way from a node to the control center, instead of using a Wi-Fi hotspot or wired connection, nodes in such networks simply transmit data to the closest node which transmits it further through other nodes right to the command center.

Kaspersky Lab fears that if an intruder connects himself to a single node in the network then he will be able to manipulate the data transmitted through it.
The research was done to highlight that cyber security also affects physical security systems, especially critical public systems like video surveillance. While building a smart city, it is extremely important to not only think about the comfort, energy and cost efficiency but also about the cyber security issues that might arise. The findings of the research are useful for city authorities that are planning to implement mesh-network based surveillance systems or have implemented them already.

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