Bosch is rolling out a security dashcam designed for ride-share drivers

Bosch is expanding its security footprint in the ride-hailing economy. The global supplier introduced a new connected smart camera and accompanying 24-hour support line for drivers of ride-hailing apps. Bosch said it’s working with Gridwise, an app for ride-share and delivery drivers, to conduct user research and ensure it’s the right fit for the market.

The device, designed with ride-hailing drivers in mind, includes an interior and exterior camera and a lighting element on the front to let drivers and riders know the service is active. The product also comes with a wireless SOS button in the vehicle that the driver can press to activate an emergency call to a Bosch call centre. The emergency call operators are available live 24 hours a day and can access a camera view from the RideCare companion device to determine if emergency services need to be contacted.

“What takes the Bosch RideCare companion beyond a simple dashcam is that it is paired with a service that provides active help by trained call centre specialists when required,” Christoph Hartung, president of cross-domain computing solutions for Bosch, said in a statement.

All rides are monitored. But the footage, which includes encrypted data such as location and a timestamp, is only uploaded to the cloud if an event is triggered via the SOS button or a request from the driver. Data is handled according to applicable data privacy regulations, according to the company. The device is equipped with a number of tamper-resistant features and will send an alert if the field-of-view of the device is compromised or blocked.

The product will be available for sale in the early part of 2023, according to a company spokesperson. It will be marketed to drivers as well as fleets. Bosch didn’t release pricing for the hardware product and accompanying support service. A company spokesperson said there will be an upfront cost for the device and a subscription model for the support service

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