CCTV cameras to tame habitual traffic offenders in Ranchi

As civil work for installation of high resolution CCTV cameras has almost been completed, it is now waiting for the road construction department to mark zebra crossings and stop lines on 17 squares identified by the traffic police for installing high definition CCTV cameras to tame habitual offenders of traffic rules. Traffic police in Ranchi will be equipped with 450 high resolution CCTV cameras to check rampant incidents of traffic violations in the state capital. “170 locations on 17 squares are being equipped with CCTV cameras for smooth traffic movement all over the state capital,” said Traffic SP Sanjay Ranjan Singh. Since the civil work has been completed by raising separate poles for the same, it is only being delayed as zebra crossings and stop lines on, which those cameras are to be focused, have not been marked by the road construction department he added. At the same time, Traffic personnel in Ranchi were busy preparing data bases of habitual traffic violators, who would be issued e-challan, if again found wrong side of the traffic rules anywhere in the city.

The Traffic SP, however, informed that a proposal for the same has already been forwarded to the road construction department, which has consented that it will be done within a week. Senior police Officials believe that installation of CCTV will pave the way for a safer Ranchi as it will not only keep a tab on the criminals, but will also help in controlling the traffic in the state capital. If a person violates any traffic rule, he will be caught immediately on the next square. It is likely to start working positively by March this year. The project was prepared on the direction of Chief Minister Raghubar Das to make the state capital safe and secure with smooth traffic movements. Under this project two types of cameras are being installed. First is Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Camera and secondly, Red Line Violation Detection Camera.

“If a person violates traffic rules by jumping the red light, riding without helmet, triple riding a bike, his vehicle number will be traced and an e-challan will be sent to him on his address demanding fine for the offence done by him,” said Ranjan. A hi-tech control room is also being set up from which a close eye on the movement of traffic will be kept, he added.
Singh also said that e-challan issued to the traffic violators will have all details in it including date, time, type of violation, location with its latitude and longitude,” said the SP. Payment gateway will also be mentioned in the e-challan. Offenders will be issued notices by the traffic police if they fail to pay the fine within 7 days, he added. “If the traffic violator does not pay the fine within 15 days of the e-challan issued to him, the case will be referred to the court for prosecution,” said Singh. Remarkably, Chief Minister Raghubar Das had announced recently that the State Government had been planning to streamline the traffic management system in the state capital for which the State Government had been drafting a 20-crore project to install high-resolution CCTV cameras across the capital for real-time monitoring of traffic violations.

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