Central Railway to secure stations with bomb detectors

In a bid to boost security at railway stations, the Central Railway (CR) has begun work on installing bomb detectors on the road. These are called Under Vehicle Scanning System (UVSS) that is being installed at the entrance of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) station.

This is part of the integrated security system planned in railway stations across India. This scanner is being installed on the GPO end of the UNESCO World Heritage station. The road there leads passengers to catch both suburban and mail express trains. In the last couple of days, the workers are seen digging a rectangular shape on the road which has been barricaded.

The equipment to scan the vehicles will come in this space. The vehicles shall be monitored by RPF personnel sitting inside a booth that is there on the footpath. “This system will holistically capture the entire vehicle. The cameras in it will take pictures of the driver on the steering and vehicle number, while the scanner will check the underframe of the vehicle,” said a senior CR official.

This road is chiefly used by private vehicles, black and yellow cabs and cars plying railway officers. The private cars and cabs are used by passengers coming to catch long-distance trains. Meanwhile, there is already one such scanner installed next to platform 18 of CSMT station where vehicles coming from P D’mello Road enter station premises.

Across Indian Railways, 202 railway stations have been identified as sensitive for the purpose of installation of an Integrated Security System. These shall have CCTVs, personal and baggage screening system and bomb detection system. Contracts have already been awarded for execution of ISS works over 129 railway stations. Under Vehicle Scanning Systems are being installed as part of the integrated security system planned for railway stations across India. The equipment will scan vehicles that pass the stretch. This will be monitored by RPF personnel posted in a booth nearby.

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