CISF suggests covert security cover at airports

If hordes of gun-wielding men at key installations such as airports remind you of the threat perception more than make you feel safer, you can look forward to a less intimidating security arrangement in future. The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) is working towards ensuring minimum visibility of its personnel with guns and placing them tactically in purpose-built positions at new buildings.

The CISF has said that it should be consulted at the time of designing such installations so as to ensure that the places to depute its personnel are already decided and their placement is not visible to all.  “We believe that the deployment should be tactical to ensure that the security is effective. This can only happen when we are involved at the designing stage of the buildings or installations that we are going to guard,” Arvind Ranjan, Director General of CISF said. CISF is the nodal agency that guards airports across the country.

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