D-Link’s DCS-2310L – its first HD PoE Outdoor Cloud Camera for consumer home monitoring

D-Link has added a new outdoor camera integrated with cloud technology to its consumer home monitoring family, perfect for homeowners to keep an eye on property or visitors at the front door. The HD PoE Outdoor Cloud Camera (DCS-2310L) is the first outdoor camera to incorporate mydlink™Cloud Services functionality, which lets users manage their camera and access live video feeds from any Internet-connected computer, Smartphone or tablet running iOS or Android.

The HD PoE Outdoor Cloud Camera offers Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) functionality, meaning users can simply connect a single cable that will carry data and power when connected to a compatible switch. This makes it perfect for homes that suffer from a lot of wireless interference or congestion, or where a power supply is not easily accessible. Designed to handle outdoor life, the model is IP65-rated, signifying that it is completely sealed from dust, and protected against low jets of water and rain.

The camera is high resolution, and uses 1MP CMOS sensors to deliver 720p HD video clarity, ensuring rich detail and crisp image quality. It integrates night vision and PIR motion-sensing technology to ensure it catches every movement and alerts the homeowner when necessary, regardless of the time of day. It includes a microphone and speaker to allow for two-way communication (half-duplex), making it a great asset as an entry system.

In addition to being able to record images to a connected Network Video Recorder (NVR), such as the Cloud Network Video Recorder (DNR-322L), the camera also has a micro-SD slot*, for local recording to a removable card, as well as local storage and/or back-up in the case of a network failure. The camera comes with D-Link’s Zero Configuration set-up that intelligently configures and syncs cameras automatically when connected to a D-Link Cloud Router. This makes adding the camera to a home network the easiest it has ever been.


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