Dahua delivers an elite security solution for a luxury hotel in Italy

The Villa d’Este has been nestled in Cernobbio for almost 150 years. It was built in 1568 as a private residence and was transformed into a hotel in 1873. The Villa itself is a great example of Renaissance architecture and its luxurious rooms are located majestically along the shore of Lake Como.

Dahua, in conjunction with Videotrend, was paid the highest compliment as it was asked to secure this spectacular venue. The challenge was to set up a highly professional video surveillance system with the specialist installer Emit di Lecco for its property protection, while ensuring the most absolute privacy for the celebrity guests. The security system exerts strict monitoring for the entrances, parking lots and other outdoor areas to greatly eliminate possible unsafe factors. In total, the hotel has installed 75 units comprised of different camera types from the Dahua Eco Savvy 2.0 series.

The majority of the cameras are installed mainly in the primary areas for monitoring. The camera is equipped with CMOS progressive scan sensor, featuring 4MP resolution which provides high quality images at 20 fps. Thanks to the powerful sensor, images are twice as clear as traditional cameras 1080p (2MP) which affords the hotel better protection with finer details.

In addition to these cameras, Dahua also upgrades the NVRs for the hotel which is NVR6000. It supports max 128 channel IP cameras input with 1080P real-time live view. It is able to provide smooth video streams as well.

Moreover, the hotel has simultaneously installed Dahua VDP system for the interior of the villa. Dahua video door phone is specially designed for the modern intelligent Villa. It features outdoor visual intercom, face recognition access control, card unlock, indoor monitor unlock, and camera surveillance

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