Delhi Police to get stun guns to keep them safe on duty

In the wake of attacks on police personnel in the national Capital, the Delhi Police has decided to equip policemen with stun guns (police stun baton with built-in torch) for their safety. These are electroshock weapons that use electrical current to disrupt voluntary control of muscles. Security agencies in Western countries are already using these “non-lethal” guns because of heightened security threats. Sources in Delhi Police say that a recent study conducted by senior officers showed as many as three attacks were reported every month on cops patrolling the city.

A source said: “The idea is to use these guns while controlling law and order situations without causing grievious injury. This is in addition to what the force has asked for to upgrade its weaponry.”  Over 35 attacks on policemen were reported in 2014, while six cops lost their lives on duty.

Initially, the Delhi Police ordered half-a-dozen stun guns from a US-based company in their pilot project and they have asked their officers for feedback. After receiving the same, they will order more stun guns. A senior police officer said: “A stun gun costs nearly Rs 50,000 depending on the features. These are manufactured in various countries but police chose the US-based company, as the weapons manufactured there are safe and trustworthy.” A senior police officer of South district said: “The Stun Baton is a good new self-defence weapon as it is an effective technique in stopping protesters because the person on whom it is used loses his senses for a few seconds. Our policemen can keep it in their PCR van as well as while riding motorbikes and use it for self-defence.”

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