Delhi: the rape capital of India? NCRB numbers say otherwise

Delhi has come to be known as the rape capital of India. However, it looks like some other states have surpassed the capital as far as this particular crime against women goes. According to the 2014 report released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Delhi came in fifth place with regard to highest number of rapes while Madhya Pradesh topped the list in 2014. There were 5076 rapes in Madhya Pradesh followed by 3759 in Rajasthan, 3467 in Uttar Pradesh and 3438 in Maharashtra. Interestingly, Nagaland in the north-east saw the least number of rapes in 2014. Though there are laws to protect women, public safety is still a major concern for women. Numerous steps are being taken to help increase women’s safety through mobile apps, helpline numbers, etc.

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