Dubai Police launch security projects to tackle theft in residential areas

Dubai Police have launched several new security projects to tackle crimes including theft and assault in residential and retail areas. The projects use advanced technology and artificial intelligence to help streamline operations, save time and resources and enhance overall security in the emirate. Residential communities, construction sites, money transfer companies and Dubai’s Gold Souk were all identified as being vulnerable to crime.

As a result of the new security projects, police reinforced security measures at Dubai’s Gold Souk, including using break-resistance glass panels, impenetrable locks and mandatory iron doors. The same locks were made obligatory in another project targeting warehouses.

“Currently 309 warehouses in Dubai adhere to these standards, contributing to zero recorded crimes in warehouses,” said Colonel Aref Ali Bishoh, Director of Dubai Police’s Crime Prevention Department.

He said the projects aimed to combat crimes such as theft, assault and related offences.
“Through collaborative efforts with partners in these projects, all identified vulnerabilities were effectively addressed and resolved,” he said.

One project launched last year for residential complexes made it mandatory for developers to install measures including surveillance cameras linked to police control rooms and security patrols.

Another project involves the force coordinating with relevant authorities and licensed companies to ensure that all gardeners are licensed and have valid working visas, with regulation of employment of gardeners who work informally at people’s homes will be introduced in the next few months, said Col Aref.

“Companies will now issue uniforms for gardeners that make them identifiable in a way that encourages the public to seek their services instead of resorting to unlicensed individuals,” said Col Aref. The Policeman Is Your Neighbour project, which launched four years ago, is also evolving to include civilian volunteers. It will now allow members of the public to gather community information for police. “This scheme was restricted to members of the police force and began with only nine officers. That number has now increased to 540.

“What’s new is that we are opening the door for public members to join,” said Col Aref.
“Community engagement is crucial and security is a shared responsibility, not solely the domain of law enforcement.” The new projects come as Dubai Police security schemes have recorded zero ‘key’ crimes, referring to theft and assault.

The Smart Home Project, which was launched last year, encourages homeowners to install sensors and cameras, as well as remote monitoring. A total of 330 homes took part last year with another 450 homes this year, resulting in no recorded thefts. It was also made mandatory for property developers to provide adequate lighting, trained security personnel, internal patrols and surveillance cameras linked to police control rooms.

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