Pune: 2,880 smart cameras to identify and apprehend wanted criminals

Pune Police is set to employ cutting-edge technology in crime detection by implementing an “AI-based Face Recognition” system. With nearly 2,880 sophisticated cameras to be installed across the city, this move aims to identify and apprehend wanted criminals not only locally but also at the state and national levels.

“Implementation of CCTV cameras with a face recognition system is underway in the city, aiming to apprehend wanted criminals. The initial phase involves a pilot test, with plans to extend the coverage to over 2500 cameras across Pune,” stated Commissioner of Police, Ritesh Kumar.

The initiative, funded and approved, marks a stride towards Pune’s smart city goals, addressing challenges posed by technologically advanced criminals who often evade capture by relocating. The Face Recognition system, integrated into CCTV cameras, will be strategically placed in crowded areas like bus terminals and railway stations, enhancing crime prevention and aiding swift action against offenders.

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