Facial recognition surveillance in Lutyens’ Delhi

In a first, the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) has launched a facial recognition programme through tech-based solutions. The project launched recently will be implemented by the NDMC in the Central Park situated in the high-security Lutyen’s Zone area in collaboration with a private firm. As part of a pilot project in the capital city, the NEC Corporation India, which is originally based in Japan is helping out the NDMC with the technical know-how. The first location for the project has been chosen as Central Park situated at the iconic Connaught Place.

With the vision of a smart and safe city, two such CCTV cameras for recognizing possible security threats have been deployed in Central Park which will be monitored by a control room setup at NDMC. The company’s video surveillance system will perform real-time matching of people entering the park against the NDMC’s watch list of pre-registered individuals, which enables the NDMC to automatically identify and detect a person of interest from CCTV footage and to rapidly take appropriate action to reduce the risk of public safety threats, the NEC said in a statement. “Central Park is the emblematic heart of the country. Enhancing our technologies and infrastructure is part of our roadmap towards fulfilling our goals of becoming the global benchmark for a capital city” said NDMC Chairman Naresh Kumar at the launch of the pilot project

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