From the Editor’s Desk: June 2014

A new day has dawned in the country. The arrival of Mr. Narendra Modi at the helm of affairs, and that too without the burden of having to accommodate the whims of coalition partners, is a significant chapter in Indian politics. The new Prime Minister, so far shows all the signs of being both proactive and tough – something that the country sorely needs after years of dilly dallying on so many issues.

Why the private security industry is a little excited is also because the new prime minister’s vision of security appears to be very practical. Remember, while the rest of the country continued to push city surveillance projects around in files, Gujarat’s Surat city was the one which not only initiated the project and but even completed it. The first phase is already over and the next has already commenced according to reports. And it has all been because of Mr. Modi’s clear instructions that issues as important as the city’s security cannot be allowed to linger endlessly. Clearly projects like these need a sound and determined political will. If Mumbai had a similar political will, its city surveillance project would have also seen the light of day rather than being called off multiple times, and everything being started all over again now.

While transparency in contracts such as these is essential, clear cut instructions also have to come from the government that something as important as security must be done within a deadline, since it deals with the life and safety of crores of people living in the city.

It is also a great fortune for the private security industry that along with the arrival of the new government, we now also have a strong representative in the upper house of Parliament. Mr RK Sinha, whose name needs no introduction to this industry, is now in the Rajya Sabha and his efforts for the industry cannot go unrewarded. Being a BJP stalwart himself, Mr Sinha has assured us that he will spare no effort in being a bridge between the industry and the government.

I had the privilege of being associated with Mr. Sinha over the past 25 years, starting with when he was residing and operating his business from Patna in Bihar. I do know that he has had the ambition to do something constructive for the country. Now that he has found his rightful place in the Parliament, I know for sure that some good things will happen for the protection industry in India, as safety and security are topics that are close to his heart. The International Institute of Safety & Security Management which he founded over 20 years ago to promote and professionalise the business is an expression of that passion. I have had lengthy discussions with Mr Sinha on his life and what makes him the doyen of the private security industry in India. His opinions were both illuminating and motivating and we marvel at the man’s zest for excellence. This interaction forms our cover story for this month and I’m sure you will find it equally motivating and inspirational.

I hope you will find this issue as interesting to read as the previous ones.

Till we meet next month, Cheers and Happy Reading.


G B Singh

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