Haryana police makes training of private security guards mandatory

Haryana Police has made it mandatory for guards and supervisors employed by private security agencies to undergo training in recognised training institutes under Haryana Private Security Agencies Rules, 2009.

While stating this the Additional Director General of Police (ADGP), law and order, Mohd. Akil said that all the heads of district police have been asked to ensure that all security guards and personal security officers (PSOs) deployed in their jurisdiction should have undergone training from the authorised training institutes.

The district police heads should also maintain complete records of Guards and Supervisors who have undergone training under Haryana Private Security Agencies Rules, 2009 including weapon training with a view to create a database for using at the time of any law and order emergency or rumour mongering in the state. This database would be updated on quarterly basis.

He said that as per Rule 6 of the Haryana Private Security Agencies Rules, 2009, Guards and Supervisor employed by private security agencies have to undergo training as per the syllabus and guidelines prescribed in recognised training institutes. The competent authority has granted licences to Training Institutes and has also set up Training Institutes for the purpose of training of Security Guards and Supervisors.

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