Identiv partners with Zwipe on biometric payment cards

Identiv, Inc. has partnered with biometric technology company Zwipe for access control card formatting services and will be presenting sample of the Zwipe’s biometric cards during ASIS 2017. Identiv’s U.S.-based card service bureau is programming the radio frequency identification (RFID) chips in Zwipe’s biometric credential line, providing all physical access control system (PACS) formats from Identiv’s portfolio. In order to encode its biometric cards in a wide variety of formats, Zwipe connected with Identiv. Identiv’s encoding solutions are fast, flexible, and far less expensive than competing providers. Through this collaboration, Zwipe customers can now order Zwipe access control products pre-formatted with the most popular 125 KHz and 13.56 MHz smart card formatting schemes, enabling seamless integration with end-customer systems without the need for additional card formatting services by the integrator.

Zwipe’s biometric credentials are delivered as credit card-sized cards with powerful, embedded biometric sensors for user enrollment and identity verification. After successful authentication via fingerprint, the RFID interface of the card is enabled, allowing the card to behave like a typical access control credential.

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