‘India needs three lakh people for cyber security’

India needs three lakh people for cyber security but we are producing just 20,000 people every year to safeguard our data, said A.M. Sudhakara, System Manager and Head, Computer Centre, University of Mysore. He was delivering the keynote address on the topic ‘e-Security’ during the one-day workshop on ‘Safe and Effective Utilisation of Information and Communication Technology’ organised by the Department of Electronics, All India Institute of Speech and Hearing (AIISH) at its seminar hall. He said, “According to the Information Technology Act, if we send a mail without the permission of other person it is punishable. Without knowing the cyber law and IT Act, people are using information technology.”

“Who are the contributors of cyber crime; it is we who are contributors. People share photos in Facebook, it’s fine; but they should share with their respective groups only and not in general. Apart from this, they are also found sharing their contact number in Facebook which is very harmful,” he said adding that these are small things which lead to cyber crime. He called upon the people not to give any bank details including account number to those who ask them over phone; instead he advised them to have their respective bank and bank managers’ numbers.

During his more than an hour address, Sudhakara briefed the audience about how we need to take care to protect our private data. He also mentioned that 50 percent of material on net is fake and hence called upon the people to be very careful while getting information from net, citing the recent example where the Vice-Chancellor of Gadag University was duped to the tune of Rs.69,000.

“Due to lack of implementation of Information Technology Act, there is rise in the number of cyber crimes not only across India but also in the world. Just less than one percent have been punished. There should be some fear among them, only then people will think twice before committing such crime.” “Cyber crimes are also rampant in many Multinational Companies (MNCs) but most of them are not reported. Hence to be on the safer side, a good anti-virus is very important” added Sudhakara. He observed that the State needs more stations and staff to deal with cyber crime-related issues

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