Checklist ready for issuing fire safety certificates to Kerala high-rises

The Kerala Fire and Rescue Services Department has prepared a checklist of points to verify while according fire safety certificates to high-rises. The 46-point check-list finalised by Director General, Fire and Rescue Services, Loknath Behera was expected to break the current impasse over issuance of fire safety certificates to 177 high-rises.

Officials said the checklist sets different standards for buildings of varied nature, height, and purpose. The department will also soon start an online mechanism to enable builders to file applications for fire safety certificates.

The Fire Department has prepared seven different fire safety application forms for buildings ranging from 15 m to 60 m. The checklist also categorises buildings as dormitories, apartments, and lodgings. Builders constructing high-rise apartment-cum-commercial complexes will soon have a separate application form. The checklist has been prepared on the basis of the stipulations in the Kerala Municipal Buildings Rules. Provisions of the National Building Code, which is more of a guideline than a law, have been applied in cases where the State laws were found wanting.
Mr. Behera had held talks with builders and architects and sought their views before finalising the new checklist.