Delhi govt asks vehicle owners to get high security number plates, colour-coded stickers

The Delhi Transport department has issued a public notice, asking vehicle owners to install High Security Registration Plates (HSRP), including the “third registration mark” on new and old vehicles, and stated that those failing to do so are “liable for prosecution under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and the CMV rules, 1989”.

The transport department also stated that the “enforcement drive will start soon”.
Asked about the notification, Manisha Saxena, Delhi Transport Secretary, said the primary motive behind issuing it was to make people “aware” that they should get the HSRP and colour-coded stickers “as soon as possible”, and not to create a panic situation. “This is as per the Supreme Court directions. Most people don’t even know that they are supposed to get the HSRP and the coloured stickers. We just want to inform them and create awareness on the matter,” Saxena said.

“The enforcement drive cannot start without informing the people first,” Saxena said, without revealing when the drive will start. The transport secretary added that the process for getting HSRP and colour-coded stickers “shouldn’t be problematic” as registration happens online at the portal — One can register here and get in touch with the listed dealers to get it done as per their appointment,” Saxena added. The fine that will be imposed on those found guilty during the enforcement drive could be up to Rs 1,000, she added.