MCG orders RWA to provide electric heaters for security guards

The Municipal Commissioner, Gurugram, Haryana, has issued a notification to all ward corporators and Resident Welfare Organisations, cautioning them on the need to curb air pollution that has put Gurugram in the “poor” category.

The MCG has ordered strict monitoring of activities that enhance the poor category of air quality. The Municipal Commissioner has also instructed all RWAs and individual houses to provide electric heaters to security guards deployed by them to ensure there are no bonfires by the guards.

As winters settle in, guards normally have to rely on making small bonfires to ward off the winter chill. The instruction to provide them with electric heaters will reduce the pollution caused by burning of these bonfires apart from ensuring that guards will no longer have to inhale toxic smoke emitted by them.

The commissioner has notified that violations and lack of adherence to instructions can attract suitable penalties.