Photo and video evidence makes it tough for violators to contest traffic challans in Delhi

The next time you plan to slip out of a traffic ticket citing reasons such as not being present at the location or the traffic signal not functioning, the Delhi Traffic Police will contest your claim with photographs and video evidence of the offence.

For the last three months, the traffic police has been uploading photo and video evidence along with those violations where challans are not issued on the spot. Data shows that since the police began this practice, the number of violators contesting the fines against them has gone down by at least 10-15%, senior traffic officials said. “For traffic offences such as illegal parking, speeding and in many cases red light jumping, challans are issued by post. We have been uploading the offences on our official website attaching evidence of the offences, so that violators cannot contest the challans,” said a senior traffic official.

The official said, since the department began attaching pictures and videos of offences along with the fines, many violators are now refraining from unwanted arguments while paying challans. “At the traffic police headquarters at Todapur, most of the time goes in convincing the fine payers of their offences. Many indulge in arguments with our officials by claiming not being present in the area when the said challan was issued. If they need to contest now, we have proof with us and if their claim is genuine they can counter it,” the official added.

Data shows that on an average 540,000 challans are issued across the city every month. In January 4,234 persons had appealed against the fines , which increased to 5,432 in February and 6,201 in March. In April, however, these appeals decreased to 3,451. Officials explained that once a violator refuses to pay the fine, the case goes to a local court, which then decides the fate of the violator.

In May, 6,498 violators contested challans against their vehicle registrations and in June the number stood at 2,875. Officials said though the number of people who contested their challans in May increased, the numbers again came down in June. The traffic police is collating the data for July. Traffic officials said they are positive that the numbers have reduced in July. “In cases such as vehicle thefts or drivers driving your vehicles in your absence, owners can be caught off guard. This is the reason we made it mandatory for all officials to have photos of the offences. In offences such as speeding and red light jumping, we also attach video evidence,” said Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Kannan Jagadeesan.