Police to outsource night patrolling in Vadodara

The Vadodra police patrolling job is all set to be outsourced to private security agencies. The city police has taken up a unique experiment to reduce police burden and help it focus on crime investigation and detection. The area under Laxmipura police station will be patrolled by private security guards accompanied by the policemen during nights. City police commissioner E Radhakrishna said that it will be a pilot project and it successful, it will be implemented across the city.

“We will start the night patrolling from January 1. The Safe City Foundation gave us a proposal for helping police reduce burden of patrolling and focus on investigations. It will be a first of its kind experiment wherein private guards will accompany the police,” Radhakrishana said.

“The Safe City Foundation (SFC) will fund the project that includes payment to the private security agencies. The idea is to help the police that works round the clock for safety of the citizens,” said Amit Bhatnagar, committee member of SFC.
The police also got rich funds for its Vadodara Traffic Education Trust (VTET) after the Vadodara Navratri Festival (VNF) donated Rs one crore on Thursday. VNF had organized Navratri festival this year in collaboration with the police. “About Rs 50 lakh will be kept for Vadodara Traffic Education Trust (VTET) and the rest will be used for improving infrastructure in the police department,” Radhakrishana said. He added that the police have already spent Rs 30 lakh for making six underground water table recharge wells in the city headquarters.