Security grid seeks early anti-drone system in J&K

The security and intelligence grid wants an immediate anti-drone system to be put in place, especially on the international border in Jammu and Punjab sectors as “non-state actors”, along with smugglers with international connections, have increased their activities by drone dropping of drugs and arms.

As per reports in sections of the media in Delhi, intelligence agencies have already warned that there is an immediate need of “efficient anti-drone technology” as they have credible inputs that soon, from across the border, many groups would be “using artificial intelligence and robotics to target India”.

The alarm of the security and intelligence grid has become more pronounced, as in the recent past, police have arrested drug smugglers in the Akhnoor sector of Jammu, while as on Friday within 8 km inside Indian territory, a drone was shot down carrying 5 kg of IED.
Recently, security agencies were able to shoot down a drone with 5 kg of IED at Gurachak village within Indian territory, in the Akhnoor-Sunderbani sector of Jammu.

After the two drone attacks at the Jammu air force station, intelligence agencies have already asked the central government to bring the latest anti-drone technology and also use Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) scientists to create their own system to be immediately put in place in Jammu and Punjab.

Recent media reports have claimed that both in Jammu and Punjab sectors, the DRDO, along with the BSF, has tested a prototype anti-drone system for testing under real conditions near the borders. The BSF posted on the borders at Punjab and Jammu has already detected a lot of activities by the groups by using unmanned drones to drop weapons and drugs. Intelligence agencies have also said that from across the border, some international drug rings were using drone technology to drop packets of heroin to their contacts on this side of the border to be further carried to the international market.